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I perform well when…

How often do you say something like the following: I do better when I’m the underdog. I do better when I come from behind. I do better when no one expects me to do well. I do better when I … Continue reading

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A Real Challenge

I really think people take on the wrong challenge. You’ve heard someone say he/she wants to run a certain race for the challenge of it? They love the challenge. Right? It’s actually an interesting claim and one that is misplaced. Follow … Continue reading

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Adult Summer Running Camp 2011

OK, well this is rewarding as well as unexpected… yet hoped for. I have heard loud and clear from just about every attendee from the July 2010 Elevate Running  Camp I held @ Northern Arizona University. What exactly did they … Continue reading

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Water Training – aka Aqua-jogging & Aqua-running

This is the first of several posts on information gathered at the USATF Podium Education Project in Las Vegas. Like last year, this was a conference with coaches and scientists/researchers of the best of the best – Olympic level athletes. … Continue reading

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Using Time Trials to Improve Running

Club member, Jimmy submitted this question: You’ve mentioned in past articles that 300m sprint times are a good indicator of racing performance. How can 300m time trials [ED. – time trials in general?] be used for long distance training purposes? … Continue reading

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How can a coach workout and coach at the same time?

Not long ago I was posed with an interesting dilemma by a new young coach. Her situation is this. She is still a competitive age group runner and coaches for a local high school. While coaching for the high school … Continue reading

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Run Focus – Lake Tahoe Relay – How to do it

Regardless of conditioning our focus can make us better or worse. This is an article on a recent race and how it should be done. (Read my next post for how not to do it.) I went into the Lake … Continue reading

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