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EIA or LRT – The Art of Reframing

I had a tough run yesterday but it reminded me of an important mental skill. It’s the mental game technique called reframing. We give everything in life a frame. A frame is a standard of reference that people use to give … Continue reading

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Lessons on Training: Runner-to-Cyclist-to-Runner

Once in awhile an athlete I work with will offer feedback that is articulate, insightful that it needs to be shared with other athletes. The following training learning points come from a cyclist – Gary Smith – who I’ve had … Continue reading

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Everything Achilles Tendon

The most popular series of posts I have written relate to Achilles tendons. As a long time Achilles tendonitis sufferer I have tried numerous treatments from conservative (rest and stretching) to aggressive (PRP, surgery). Here, I have another inquiry that … Continue reading

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Finding Ways to Win

Mental toughness: it is not magic and you are not born with it. It is the will to win and the will to put everything on the line and be the very best runner you can be.  It is something … Continue reading

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Effort Based Running

“Run this next repeat at 75%!” “Run your strides at 75%,” extols a local running coach. Each runner picks some pace. The coach then yells out, “I told not 75% not 80%!” These runners have no clue what she is … Continue reading

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Lyme Disease – An Update and Hope

Lyme Update October 12,2011 – This is an update from my brother Jim who has gone through Lyme disease and is back running again. Due to the popularity of the original post and the ongoing contributions, he decided to offer … Continue reading

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Discipline – More than Training Harder

Discipline in sports is so often equated to working hard. Most athletes would agree that it requires discipline to improve. It requires singleness of thought and deed. Discipline is required to follow a training program. Discipline is needed to stay … Continue reading

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