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Mental or Physical Training First?

When athletes and parents come to me to help them with their mental game; I often get the question “when is the best time to start mental game training”. Should you get in shape first and then add mental game … Continue reading

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Summer Mental Game Boot Camp – Plan Now

Have you ever thought to yourself that just maybe you could benefit from mental toughness training but … …you weren’t sure how to get it? …weren’t sure if it would help? …you didn’t think you could afford it? …you needed … Continue reading

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Mental Toughness Only for Competition or not?

Mental toughness – what do you think of when someone uses this term? Of course the sports psychology academic and research worlds have their formal definitions. Famed sports psychologist Jim Loehr defines it as “the ability to consistently perform towards … Continue reading

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Runners-to-Runners is not Apples-to-Apples

A common reasoning goes something like this: Everyone is created equal. Everyone can do anything they put their minds to. If Jane trains 100 miles a week and runs a 3-hour marathon… Then if I train 100 miles per week … Continue reading

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Perspective on NOT Running – Another Reframe

Sometimes we get so close to situations, activities or relationships that our view becomes skewed. I recently posted about reframing. This is a mental game skill that helps us cope with situations by purposely seeing them from a different light, … Continue reading

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EIA or LRT – The Art of Reframing

I had a tough run yesterday but it reminded me of an important mental skill. It’s the mental game technique called reframing. We give everything in life a frame. A frame is a standard of reference that people use to give … Continue reading

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Lessons on Training: Runner-to-Cyclist-to-Runner

Once in awhile an athlete I work with will offer feedback that is articulate, insightful that it needs to be shared with other athletes. The following training learning points come from a cyclist – Gary Smith – who I’ve had … Continue reading

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