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Bargain Runs

Bargain runs aren’t something you seek out on Black Friday. You could have a bargain run any day. Ever have a workout that you: Loathe doing but know you need it, or Fear doing because you may not complete it, … Continue reading

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2014Goals – Pursue them Now!

Would you like to give your 2014 a great kick off? Build your mental toughness to sustain motivation for your 2014 goals! Register now for the Goals2014 online four-part seminar. The first session is on Monday, November 25th. For only … Continue reading

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Didn’t Reach Your Goal? Read on…

First, congratulations, you are already in a minority. Not in failing to reach your goal but it is a minority of people who actually set goals of any kind. It is a minority of that minority who set process goals. … Continue reading

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2013 Goal Setting – NOW.

It’s that time of year everyone sets goals. Even those people who don’t usually set goals set goals. They are nicely packaged as New Years Resolutions. Sadly, most will never come to fruition. Why? Not because goal setting doesn’t work. It … Continue reading

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Screw the Goals Give me the Donut!

You can now order my new eBook on goal setting – Screw the Goals Give me the Donut. You will also get a free copy of my eBook “Focus for Fitness” the perfect companion book.Over the years I’ve had a … Continue reading

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Goal Setting – Not Just for New Year’s Anymore

Goals – They’re not just for New Year’s day anymore! So, stop waiting for some special day to set goals and do it now. Goals do the following things: 1. Give you direction and route to take in your plan. … Continue reading

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