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Dreadmills aka Treadmills – Great Resource

Love them or hate them (dreadmills). Essential to surviving your winters in some semblance of fitness in the north; and ditto to surviving summers in the scorching summers in the southwest. Treadmills. I did a 10 mile run on a … Continue reading

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I’m an Athlete with an Unsupportive Coach

In anĀ earlier post I commented on coaches’ misguided attempts to motivate athletes. It certainly can be extended beyond just what coaches say to their general treatment of athletes; from preferential treatment, playing one against another, snubs, to physical punishments. OK … Continue reading

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Running Burnout not Merely Overtraining or “Down”

Have you ever been passionate about something only to see your passion fizzle? Have you ever wondered where your passion went? Have you wondered if there is something wrong with you? Perhaps, you might be burned out. [I have to … Continue reading

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Adult Summer Running Camp 2011

OK, well this is rewarding as well as unexpected… yet hoped for. I have heard loud and clear from just about every attendee from the July 2010 Elevate Running Ā Camp I held @ Northern Arizona University. What exactly did they … Continue reading

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The Coachable Runner?

I find it interesting that athletes will hire running & triathlon coaches, mental game coaches, massage therapists, etc. and not heed what they are told. Actually, it’s not all bad. I believe that there are at least three primary reasons … Continue reading

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How can a coach workout and coach at the same time?

Not long ago I was posed with an interesting dilemma by a new young coach. Her situation is this. She is still a competitive age group runner and coaches for a local high school. While coaching for the high school … Continue reading

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