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Mental Toughness and Patience

Mental toughness most often described as that ability to push through pain or discomfort or to hang in there when the going gets tough. But mental toughness is not that narrow of a construct. One other form or aspect of … Continue reading

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Coaches, parents, runners – who needs mental game training more?

I’ve seen a lot over my years of coaching youth runners, directing running camps, working with parents and other coaches. I have indeed seen the proverbial good, the bad and the ugly. In almost every case there is no malice or … Continue reading

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I perform well when…

How often do you say something like the following: I do better when I’m the underdog. I do better when I come from behind. I do better when no one expects me to do well. I do better when I … Continue reading

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Mental or Physical Training First?

When athletes and parents come to me to help them with their mental game; I often get the question “when is the best time to start mental game training”. Should you get in shape first and then add mental game … Continue reading

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Last Best

When did you realize you were never going to run faster? Continue reading

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Bargain Runs

Bargain runs aren’t something you seek out on Black Friday. You could have a bargain run any day. Ever have a workout that you: Loathe doing but know you need it, or Fear doing because you may not complete it, … Continue reading

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Lucky Headbands and Lucky Socks = PR!

We all look for an edge – the edge. You know, the one that will get us that cherished victory, a new personal record time or distance. We will even create that edge when it doesn’t exist. Don’t get me … Continue reading

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