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REVIEW: Let Your Mind Run: A Memoir of Thinking My Way to Victory

Let Your Mind Run – a book you gotta get! Continue reading

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Arizona Running Camp – 10 years Running

Arizona Running Camp is held the 3rd week in June every year – this year June 18-23. Early registration ends 4/15/18 and regular registration ends June 1. This is the only running camp that incorporates mental game training by a … Continue reading

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Triathlete’s Mental Game Program

I have worked with triathletes and runners for years. I always use supplemental materials developed by myself or by other highly respected mental game coaches to reinforce and sharpen everything I teach and coach my athletes on. Here is an … Continue reading

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What do you learn from a mental game coach?

I am often asked something to the effect of “exactly what do you do anyway?” And “What can a mental game coach teach me?” Here is a response from one of my high school athletes. She completed my Runner’s Mental … Continue reading

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Dreadmills aka Treadmills – Great Resource

Love them or hate them (dreadmills). Essential to surviving your winters in some semblance of fitness in the north; and ditto to surviving summers in the scorching summers in the southwest. Treadmills. I did a 10 mile run on a … Continue reading

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Fit or Fast

Most runners harbor some goal of running faster. Some want to go longer but even then most want to do something faster than what they’ve run in the past. One problem is that you can be fit and not fast but … Continue reading

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Running Form Shaming?

It’s a treat for the everyday runner to get the opportunity to watch elite runners in person. It’s not the same watching on TV or online. Their power, grace, determination and talent are ar more inspiring in person. Ever since … Continue reading

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