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Mental training blended with research-based running workouts for the backbone of summer running camps.

Summer running camps are the perfect way to build on track conditioning and prepare for the upcoming cross-country season! Every summer, the third week of June is a 6-day high school running camp. Runners are ages 13-18 (8th-12th grades). Get teammates together and attend! Runners from more than 7 states attend this camp. Trained and knowledgeable assistant coaches keep runner-to-coach ratios low for personal attention.

And it’s not just for kids – whether it is to kick-start your program, launch yourself towards new Personal Records, do away with training doldrums, or just go mingle with like-minded people – this is it! Each summer during the third week of July is a condensed (4 days) adult running camp. The perfect getaway from summer heat. The perfect GIFT for the runner in your life.

Camps are held in the cool northern Arizona city of Flagstaff on the Northern Arizona University campus. Stay and eat on the beautiful campus.Stay in cozy dorm rooms on the beautiful NAU campus – no camping out on cots or tents!

The camps feature the latest discussion sessions on science of training, equipment, and approaches to training for every distance 800 meters through ultra-marathons. There are always fun events, outings and workouts. See your running in a different light! Get better, get faster, get smarter, get healthier… don’t miss out this year. Spaces are limited.

Specific dates, details and registration here:

4 Responses to Camps

  1. Tabitha says:


    Do you plan on having any of these camps in the Fall? I’m deployed until the end of September, but would love to attend something like this.

  2. Helen Fleder says:

    I am an 87 year old woman who has exercised all her life, but worn out her feet. (I was a professional ballet dancer) I wear a belt to do “cross country” laps (in deep water). To keep my leg muscles strong, I pull down with my heels with each step forward. (it really works!) To add resistance, I wear resistance gloves on my hands. I move as fast as possible to get an aerobic workout. Do you think I’m getting enough of a workout? Can you suggest any alternative exercises I can do in the pool?

    • Dean Hebert says:

      You are amazing! Your workouts are right on for someone who “beat up” your feet. I have heard from an older runner who had worn away the fat pads under his heels and couldn’t run on hard surfaces much at all and so does aqua-running.
      Your idea of pulling down with your heels will benefit your hamstrings and gluteus muscles more. Gloves are an excellent way to add resistance an increase the difficulty of the workouts. Good stuff.
      For variety you can do more interval like workouts to increase heart rate. Go hard for 30 seconds then relax for 30. This has better effect for conditioning than a steady state same-paced workout.
      You can add water aerobic exercises if you like for a cross training effect. Try doing jumping jacks, or plyometric exercises like jumps with bringing your knees up towards your chest on each jump.

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