ID on the Run – Yes or No?

Let me start by saying that I don’t like jewelry in general. A watch is as fancy as I get. I don’t like bracelets (so please don’t get me one for Christmas.) I haven’t worn a gold necklace since about 1980. I don’t even wear rings. I’ve run 40 years without any need for ID. So, as I looked into both the need as well as the efficacy (at least in my book) of having various ID on your person as you run – I was skeptical at best.

The first barrier I had to overcome was the need. Do I really need this? Does anyone? After due consideration I realize that anyone who runs more than a block from their house where neighbors cannot identify the body should have an ID. A phone doesn’t work if it is locked. [Great I find a body with a phone attached to it and can’t access it. Dumb right?] I admit I’d like to have my body claimed before the coyotes have me for dinner. That decided – I had to look for ID that would actually make it easy for me to wear! My criteria:

  1. First – no jewelry. That left me basically with a shoe ID that had to be light and reasonably inconspicuous. I’m a runner not a fashionista.
  2. It had to be convenient of use. If it is a pain in the butt to use or apply, forget it.
  3. It has to be affordable. Since I use several pairs of shoes I do not want to keep changing my ID tags and that means having several tags on hand.

Here are the ones I reviewed and considered.

Yikes ID is one option. It is nicely packaged and you can include medical allergies etc. You can enter up to 5 lines of data for $13.99. This is a shoe ID though they have wrist versions for $15.99 that are metal engraved. They have sizes and 3 color options.

RoadID is a higher end identification band starting at $15.99 up to a $29.99 style as well. Their shoe ID go for $19.99. All are engraved metal with a variety of bands. They allow up to 6 lines of text and 6 color options.

IDmeBAND has a variety of options on band material, colors and styles. They cost from $14.99 to $29.99. Their shoe ID is $14.99. These are also engraved metal tags.

RunningIDTags is a lightweight option that allows you to customize the appearance with your own logos or favorite images as well as text. Though the text is slightly more limited it easily accommodates your essential identification needs. It is the most affordable of all ID out there at $9.95. There are several specific things I like about this product:

  1. The shoe tag is so light you won’t know it’s there.
  2. It applied easily with a velcro strap.
  3. It’s affordable enough to order multiple tags and use them for many purposes without having to move them from one item or shoe to another. Or if your information changes you won’t worry about the small cost of updating and replacing it.
  4. You can design it with your own  images. (This wasn’t one of my criteria and it borders on fashion but I liked this.)
  5. This was the bonus point! The owner Larry Osborne worked with me to make this a real win-win. He set it up to make the ID tags a fundraiser for sending runners to summer running camp! $3 of every tag goes to support sending a needy high school runner to running camp!

I have uploaded some unique graphics including the copyrighted No Excuses logo based on my book and running camp themes. You can use those graphics – or as mentioned – you can upload and use your own design! Even have a picture of your pet dog or bird!

We’re expanding our scholarships for young runners who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend camp. Every year we send at least one boy and one girl to camp on scholarship. Last year we helped 4 runners attend. And now with your help we’ll be able to help more runners attend!

Come on! Check these tags out and order them as luggage tags, runner shoe bag tags, key chain ID and more. You say you don’t really want one? Then order them for your family members (these are not just for runners) or that special runner in your life. If you want to wear jewelry when you run go ahead and do so. If you want affordable, easy to use, customizable identification and make a contribution to send young runners to camp – then this is the place!

About Dean Hebert

I’m a mental game coach, author and speaker. I work with individual athletes, parents, coaches, and teams on sports performance enhancement. Beyond my academic post-graduate work in sports psychology - the psychology behind athlete performance – I am a certified Mental Games Coaching Professional (MGCP) and certified hypnotherapist. I’ve authored several books and hundreds of articles. “Coach, I didn’t run because…” (2008) is a seriously light-hearted look at making excuses not to workout and how to overcome them. “Focus for Fitness” (2009) and “Screw the Goals Give me the Donut” (2010) are two of my eBooks on mental game approaches for the everyday athlete. I wrote these because I believe that everyone can benefit from the powerful mental techniques that the world’s best athletes use. I have been cited in Runners World, Best Health magazine (CN), SWEAT Magazine, and the Washington Examiner amongst many other publications. I have been a featured mental games coach in Runner’s World and for the internationally acclaimed trail running resource - I also regularly appear on sports and fitness talk shows such as LTKFitness, Runnersroundtable and for more than three years I have co-hosted a weekly video series with Coach Joe English for I specialize in mental toughness training. My clients include tennis, synchronized swimming, golf, race-kart, soccer, motocross, volleyball, MMA, cycling (road, off-road, time-trialist), running, duathlon and triathlon, basketball, football and baseball athletes. I have coached world-class athletes and athletes internationally. I have a passion for working with youth athletes and helping them apply mental game skills and techniques to all areas of life. Most importantly, my aim is to have people enjoy sports and life to their fullest through peak performances.
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4 Responses to ID on the Run – Yes or No?

  1. Christina says:

    The RunningIDtags looks like it has a hole at the top for attaching to the shoe. Is it going to flop around during a run? Nothing worse that having it bounce or make any noise during a run.

    • Dean Hebert says:

      Not at all – that also was one of my design concerns. It has a velcro strap that goes through both ends of the tag itself then wraps around the laces so it is secured – no flopping. The one hole is for the key ring option which is perfect for ID-ing my key ring.

  2. Ellen Bagnato says:

    First, I think anyone running without an ID is tempting fate. Or, you can look at it as a modern version of natural selection, kind of like riding a motorcycle without a helmet. I wanted to throw into the ring the name of another very inexpensive ID, it is These are lightweight, come in different colors, are reflective, and very inexpensive. I have worn them for years and have one on each pair of shoes. Our running group has a batch customized with our group’s logo and sold them as a fundraiser for a runner who was struck and killed by a car while on a run. Don’t tempt fate or make it difficult for first responders in the unlikely event you are found in a ditch somewhere while on a run – wear an ID. It’s a no-brainer!

    • DEAN HEBERT says:

      I agree… that is why I’ve also gone with not only promoting the IDs for safety but to benefit some needy runners in the process. And working with Larry Osborne has been absolutely great. He is generous, accommodating and obviously not in this to make a bunch of money.

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