How do I make a great track and field experience for my child?

This question has never been well answered by any publication – until now. Go ahead, Google it. Track and field is the most participated sport in high school in the United States. Yet, the most important questions are seldom if ever addressed. Coaches don’t know, don’t have time or don’t want to share some of this critical information. Most parents and youth do not have a basic understanding of the track and field world! Yet, it is that very understanding that will enhance EVERY parent and youth track & field athlete experience!

Do you know track etiquette?
Do you know what all those abbreviations in track & field stand for (like 300H, DMR, q or Q, NH, ND, NR, IAAF, NFHS)?
Do you know how to be a good spectator (parent) at track meets?
Do you know how to be prepared for a day at the track?
Do you know how to enhance motivation in your child?
Do you know how to find a club or coach?
Do you know how to keep your child optimally focused?
Do you know the facts about college scholarships for track/cross-country?

This book was the brain-child of Dr. Lorraine Williams. Once a youth athlete herself, only when her own daughter wanted to get involved with track & field did she realize how much is NOT known or shared about the sport! Dr. Williams (aka Trackmom) teamed up with Coach Dean to create a book that is one of a kind. Make no mistake about it, other attempts at this subject are lacking in substance and practical real life advice.

More than just a how-to guide, this book provides a foundation to develop youth as an athlete and a person through sports. It is what sports in general and track and field specifically should be about. This book sets the stage for the best track and field experience possible for parents, youth and coaches! Parents and coaches: once you read it, you’ll keep going back to reread it!

You’ll learn:
…how to get involved with track and field.
…how to find a coach, club or team.
…key facts, practical trivia, and track and field lingo.
…how to be prepared for practices and for track meets.
…how to create a motivational environment for your child.
You’ll get:
…check-lists to keep you organized.
…assessments to help define parents’ and children’s unique needs.
…interview questions for potential clubs and coaches.
…an easy reference for terminology and abbreviations found in track and field.
…a candid view of how far youth can go in track and field and what it takes.

Early reviews are already coming in. Here is what a 20 year veteran youth coach has to say:
“Finally, a book that integrates what youth track and field is all about – health, fitness, enjoyment and a child’s personal development. This is the absolute best guide for parents whose kids are already involved or want to get involved in track and field I have ever seen. You will not find a better or more understandable guide. This book motivates while it educates. In short, in my 20-plus years in track and field this is the finest book of its type.”
Coach Rawle Crichlow

Feel The Heat TC (USATF Club #48-0277)
Hamilton High School Cross Country & Track & Field

Buy your copy now!

Youth Track & Field

Youth Track & Field


About Dean Hebert

I’m a mental game coach, author and speaker. I work with individual athletes, parents, coaches, and teams on sports performance enhancement. Beyond my academic post-graduate work in sports psychology - the psychology behind athlete performance – I am a certified Mental Games Coaching Professional (MGCP) and certified hypnotherapist. I’ve authored several books and hundreds of articles. “Coach, I didn’t run because…” (2008) is a seriously light-hearted look at making excuses not to workout and how to overcome them. “Focus for Fitness” (2009) and “Screw the Goals Give me the Donut” (2010) are two of my eBooks on mental game approaches for the everyday athlete. I wrote these because I believe that everyone can benefit from the powerful mental techniques that the world’s best athletes use. I have been cited in Runners World, Best Health magazine (CN), SWEAT Magazine, and the Washington Examiner amongst many other publications. I have been a featured mental games coach in Runner’s World and for the internationally acclaimed trail running resource - I also regularly appear on sports and fitness talk shows such as LTKFitness, Runnersroundtable and for more than three years I have co-hosted a weekly video series with Coach Joe English for I specialize in mental toughness training. My clients include tennis, synchronized swimming, golf, race-kart, soccer, motocross, volleyball, MMA, cycling (road, off-road, time-trialist), running, duathlon and triathlon, basketball, football and baseball athletes. I have coached world-class athletes and athletes internationally. I have a passion for working with youth athletes and helping them apply mental game skills and techniques to all areas of life. Most importantly, my aim is to have people enjoy sports and life to their fullest through peak performances.
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7 Responses to How do I make a great track and field experience for my child?

  1. Brilliant, Dean. Thank you for recognizing (and then meeting!) the need.

    *This* is the first step toward a comprehensive solution to the problem that gets whined about every four years:

    “Why doesn’t T&F get any exposure outside the Olympic year?”

  2. Dean Hebert says:

    Thank you and it’s always good to hear from you. One of our target markets is coaches. There are some neat sections (ok biased opinion) on motivation and the mental game aspects that we think all coaches will benefit by. But, we also see this as something for coaches to use as a tool to help their kids and their kids’ parents. It’s a way that the coach won’t have to answer lots of the same basic questions – hundreds of times. Our vision is for coaches at the beginning of their season when they have parent meetings to encourage them to purchase the book and get a step up on knowing and enjoying the sport more.

  3. Tyisha Thompson says:

    Congrats !!! I will spread the word !!!

  4. Christina says:

    The cover looks awesome! Great job!!

  5. Coach Dean says:

    Of course.. so many thank to you! Without you we would still be working on our first draft!
    You’re the best!

  6. Yolanda says:

    Cool work. Thanks.

  7. youthrunner says:

    I’d be interested in reviewing the book for if you’d like to send a copy to:
    PO Box 1156
    Lake Oswego, OR 97035

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